About us

Intracon specializes in giving businesses a competitive advantage through training, consulting, and event management. By teaming up with you to discover your industry, products, and solutions, we form a strategic partnership with your business and work with you to bring new passion to your message.


Our team of experienced instructors and consultants get to know you and your business to create impactful training products designed specifically for your audience and centered on your business goals. We use a combination of virtual, video, and classic classroom instruction that lead your students on a journey that illustrates your solution and why it matters. Your students leave the training prepared and eager to achieve their goals.

Event Management

All event management agencies promise to create a seamless event tailored to your requests. At Intracon, we take a different approach. We immerse ourselves in your industry, products, and solutions to fully understand your event objective and how to best reach your audience, whether they be clients, partners, or employees. We then combine our knowledge, experience, and technology to build a lasting, true brand experience for your attendees. We don’t just want to entertain your audience, our goal is to inspire and empower them.


Intracon’s highly skilled, experienced consultants team up with you to understand your business objectives and work collaboratively with you to create unique solutions for your individual requirements. We focus on improving business processes and enhancing IT and security infrastructure. Furthermore, we offer local and remote services including product and solution integration, implementation, support, and user training.


Over the last 13 years we developed an in-depth understanding of the demand for successful go to market strategies and developed our own services to support those.

Here some examples of how Intracon supports IT vendors with their go to market strategy:

Intro Activities

  • Intro Manager Support
    • Personal assistance for workload balance
    • Dashboard


Event and Incentive Management

Early Marketing Units Management

• Logistics
• Customer contact
• Survey analysis
• Result reporting


Early Birds EMU and Beta programs

  • Creation of a program plan and reporting strategy
  • Calendar follow up
  • Logistics
  • Weekly contact with customers
  • Periodic feedback gathering
  • Survey creation and run
  • Result analysis and reporting


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