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Adding New Dimensions to 3D Training with Stratasys Academy

Happy 2019! Our world may still not look like the 2019 in Blade Runner yet, but we still spend our day-to-day immersed in technology. People increasingly know how to operate a smartphone or tablet effortlessly, almost intuitively. But what about newer technologies with a little more complexity? Some learning curves may be steeper than others.

At Intracon, we believe that technology is only as useful as the people’s knowledge of how to use it. That’s what makes training so important – your product may be incredible, but without sufficient understanding, it’s little more than an expensive paperweight.

Our friends at Stratasys understand the need for training as part of the bigger picture for additive manufacturing adoption. Additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) is the process of adding materials together to create objects using 3D data, rather than subtracting material with a traditional method. It’s an innovative technology that’s revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

Maximizing Stratasys technology through training

So how can Stratasys help their customers maximize the potential of their 3D printing systems? Enter Stratasys Academy, a one-stop-shop for upskilling users to increase their knowledge base and create efficiently. The Academy makes additive manufacturing know-how accessible to users of all levels, providing courses for everyone from seasoned power users to absolute beginners.

Intracon has been working with the Academy since its inception. Stratasys trusts us as the expert’s expert, training their select Stratasys Authorized Training Centers before they go forth and train their own students. Our two-day Academy course, Effective Presentation, is offered in-house and instructs users on how to present 3D knowledge the Stratasys way. These courses are required before these partners can be certified to open a Stratasys Authorized Training Center.

Our trainings also empower some of Stratasys’ high-level customers in the automotive industry to keep innovating with 3D printing. Intracon is the only external vendor to develop and deliver an advanced PolyJet course, Color Texturing Expert. This course delivers knowledge on the incredibly vivid color rapid prototyping available with PolyJet technology and has been offered to several leading road-going and Formula One car manufacturers.

So you may be a little disappointed that we haven’t quite reached flying cars and science fiction lifestyles in 2019. But innovative technology like 3D printing, propelled by effective training, is bringing the future closer than ever.



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