Intracon Holding GmbH

Who are Intracon?

Intracon stands for International Training and Consulting.

For over 14 years we have provided training delivery, training development and consulting services to the IT industry and their customers from various vertical industries such as chemical, banking, mail order, manufacturing, and general production.

The Intracon Training team has successfully trained more than 20,000 students, hosted more than 1000 trainings in their own training facilities, and organized events in different locations all over the world.

The Intracon Consulting team provides managed print services for multiple projects, from small IT Assessments to delivering full support of project implementation at enterprise accounts. As an example, the Intracon Assessment team collected data from more than 70,000 devices in over 60 different countries, helping the customer understand their current printing costs and how to reduce them. Additionally, the consulting team provided implementation services for an automatic software driven device roll out, designed to change the order process management and optimization saving the customer millions of dollars.

The Intracon Go-to-Market team coordinates marketing and communication activities for some of the biggest vendors in the IT industry.

Intracon is an official partner of multiple IT vendors, IT resellers and enterprise customers. Our head office is located in Kronberg/Frankfurt, Germany, and we also have additional offices in Germany, Spain, Singapore, the US and in the very near future in Latin America.

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