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Launching the next generation of printing with virtual and augmented reality.

For a company like HP that so strongly embraces innovation, virtual and augmented reality is a perfect fit. As one of their long-standing content providers, Intracon works with HP to develop VR and AR experiences for  sales tools and training.

Intracon’s Service Training VR experience has been deployed in EMEA to train channel partners on the A3 PageWide technology. Through the HP Windows Mixed Reality platform, users perform real tasks from the actual service training. They can also take an X-ray look inside the A3 PageWide’s unique paper pathway to see how the technology works from the inside out.


Intracon has also developed VR and AR sales tools for the HP A3 product launch. We packaged the sales content for this disruptive device portfolio to maximize VR’s potential for enhancing user understanding, building emotional rapport, and providing a more immersive and engaging experience with the products. To reach a wide range of audiences, this was deployed on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Samsung Gear, with a complementary AR experience for Android.


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Using manipulable 3D objects in an immersive environment, we can harness experiential learning to shorten the distance between your message and your audience. When your users learn by doing, they're better equipped to conceptualize the experience. Optimize your training and marketing efforts with augmented and virtual reality.

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