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Celebrating 20 years of Intracon in Mallorca

When Intracon first incorporated over 20 years ago, the core of our business was primarily training people face-to-face. Our business has grown exponentially in the years since then, into a wide field of services to meet our customers' diverse needs — but there's no denying that we have our roots in this highly personal means of communication.

Intracon 20th Anniversary table setting in Sant Jordi, Mallorca
The calm before the fiesta in Sant Jordi.

So to celebrate our twentieth anniversary, we went back to our roots of F2F by bringing our entire international Intracon family together for the first time in ten years! Hosted by our colleagues from Intracon Spain, we gathered in Colonia de Sant Jordi, Mallorca to celebrate our company's great achievement.

Getting the gang together

Intracon is comprised of over a hundred people in five offices across three continents and four countries, so gathering all of our colleagues in one place is a monumental undertaking! Luckily we were able to contract some of the best events professionals in the business — our very own colleagues from the Intracon Spain team. 😉 Intracon team members arrived from nearby Barcelona and Madrid as well as Frankfurt, Munich, and far-off Bogota and Boise!

To kick off the event, Intracon founders Georg, Oliver, and Timo shared insights into the evolution of our company and their plans for the future. They highlighted our company's achievements since our last anniversary celebration, celebrating our growth with clients like HP, Samsung, Siemens, and Stratasys. The evening then segued into dinner and drinks, an excellent opportunity for Intracon employees to greet old friends and colleagues, make new connections, and swap stories. In many cases, it was an unparalleled opportunity to meet the real person behind the email address and forge stronger friendships and working relationships all at once.

Intracon team members enjoy the coves around Cabrera National Park.

Fun in the Sant Jordi sun!

The next day, the entire company went out to enjoy the sun and surf of Sant Jordi on an aquatic teambuilding activity. We were split into teams and sent onto motorboats to explore the scenic southeast coast of Mallorca and the Cabrera Archipelago National Park. Our teams were randomly selected, with the intention of giving an opportunity to meet new colleagues from the foreign offices. Between making new friends and enjoying the bright blue waters of the Balearic, the activity made quite a splash!

After our aquatic outing, the Intracon team went to whet our appetites at a delicious paella and tapas lunch overlooking the sea. Some went for a very Spanish siesta after eating, while others went to take advantage of swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and beach volleyball!

And one last hurrah...

One last group celebration remained that evening: a beautiful dinner and dancing at Cas Senyor in the Calonge area of Mallorca. Photo ops were available at the photobooth, as well as exploring the scenic Mallorquin terraza. We enjoyed classic Mediterranean food, Spanish tapas, roasted lamb and pork dishes. Dessert and dancing was a perfect pairing when the DJ arrived with some tunes, we celebrated the great achievement with dancing and laughter well into the night.

Sunset from Sant Jordi, Mallorca
One last sunset before saying farewell to Mallorca. ¡Hasta luego!

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